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+layout: post
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+title: Your security options - an unexcited approach
+[Jan Krutisch][1] announced on the january [Ruby User Group][2] a security focus for the february event. So I started collecting some of my experiences ... Sadly I didn't made it in time for last week's RUG at [Jimdo][3]. But this way I can sum up some learnings and links.
+Security might drive you mad those days, so don't think the way "**I have to secure everything**" but look for a **certain aim you** want to fulfill, e.g.
+* I want to secure my files
+* I want to send safe mails
+* I want to browse safely
+* I want to secure my blog
+* ..
+because "**security itself is just an abstract construct** and concrete aims will better stick to your brain" (see [MeierOnline][4]'s slides). That way psychology won't stay in your way! Basically you have the following options, which will help to focus you.
+# Computer
+Let's start with different grades of system security, either **encrypt**
+* the **whole system** while installing check the appropriate options or do it [afterwards][5],
+* the [home directory][6] or
+* just add an [encrypted folder][7].
+The last is really fast done, e.g. install **EncFS** `$ sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper encfs` and than create with the cryptkeeper GUI an encrypted directory.
+For a good overview see also the [Electronic Frontier Foundation's notes][8], which are a bit older but not outdated!
+# Network
+When logged in public wireless lan use common **VPN Services** or pimp your [FRITZ!Box][9] and observe with [IP Schwein][10] the change!
+### Mail
+Use [GnuPGP][11] for signing and **encrypting emails**.
+### Browser
+Install **security extensions** which will help you
+* to avoid pixel tracking, use [Ghostery][12] and
+* to encrypt your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure, use [HTTPS Everywhere][13].
+# Passwords
+When I first explained my kids the "idea of passwords" they replied immediately: "Than we use the the string "**key**" as password - as it locks something away!" Oops ...
+### Safe Passwords
+Just **two simple rules**
+* Use erverywhere different passwords, with at least 8 better 10 digits and some unordinary signs.
+* Generate **random passwords** or build sentences to remember self made ones: "**T**his **i**s **m**y **1**st **a**wesome **&** **r**eally **s**afe **P**assword **!**" => "**Tim1a&rsP!**"
+Than find yourself a location to
+### ... access them from everywhere
+Regardless where you are, for sure you will need some **passes**. I like the **cross plattform password manager [KeePassX][14]**, which works on Linux, Mac, Android ([KeePassDroid][15], [Keepass2Android][16]) and is Open Source. But there are many others!
+To install the latest greatest with support for the **KeePass2 database format (.kdbx)**, build yourself via the [github repo][17] or get a [debian package][18] from the KeePassX developers team:
+ $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keepassx/daily
+ $ sudo apt-get update
+ $ sudo apt-get install keepassx
+Then "mashup" and put the database file in your trusted home [ownCloud][19] or cloud drive ([Google Drive][20]/[Dropbox][21]) and you're **always on**.
+Alternatively - if you don't need any GUI - use [VIM as your Password Manager][22].
+# Website Encryption (SSL)
+See Ben's introduction to [client side certificates][24] and Jan's blog post "[Going Full Encryption][23]" with the associated [slides][25] - no more to say!
+Further infos and links on the [February RUG][26] page, over and out!

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