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BEING DEPRECATED, SEE README. Netzke components contributed by the community

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Netzke Communitypack Build Status


A bunch of community-written Netzke components.


This gem will be decomposed and deprecated, with some parts being moved over to Basepack, others - to dedicated gems:

  • [x] Move ActionColumn to Basepack as of v0.8.2
  • [ ] Move Workspace to Basepack
  • [ ] Extract TreePanel to a gem
  • [ ] Extract ModelExplorer and OneToManyExplorer to a gem
  • [ ] Move LiveSearchGrid to netzke-demo

Included components

The following components are included (the ones marked FIXME! are probably not working with the latest Netzke, and are waiting for a fix):


Besides components, the following modules are included that can be used for extending existing components.

Copyright (c) 2008-2012 nomadcoder, released under the MIT license (see LICENSE).

Note that Ext JS is licensed differently, and you may need to purchase a commercial license in order to use it in your projects!

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