This extension provides an import interface so that other extension can propose assets being imported.
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Theme Plus Importer

This extension provides an import feature for the great Theme+ extension for Contao. 3rd party extension can use Theme Plus Importer to easily integrate their assets into Theme+.

The extension integrates an import dialog in the Theme+ stylesheets and javascripts page:


Theme Plus importer can be installed using the composer repository: netzmacht/contao-theme-plus-importer

You have to install it manually at the moment. Installing by composer is on the roadmap.

Import types

The importer auto detects which type the asset has. It detects urls (beginning with http://, https:// or //) and files. The different file sources of Theme+ are supported as well (files, assets or system/modules).

Add assets using the config files

Extensions can define their assets using the config vars.


// import javascripts
$GLOBALS['THEME_PLUS_IMPORT_JAVASCRIPTS']['package-name'][] 'path/to/javascripts.js';

// import stylesheets
$GLOBALS['THEME_PLUS_IMPORT_STYLESHEETS']['package-name'][] 'path/to/style.css';

Add assets using the event dispatcher

Besides assets can be imported by using the event dispatcher. This is useful, if you using some third party libraries where you want to ensure they are installed.


use Netzmacht\ThemePlusImporter\Event\CollectAssetsEvent;

$GLOBALS['TL_EVENTS'][CollectAssetsEvent::NAME][] = function(CollectAssetsEvent $event) {
    $event->addJavascript('package-name', 'path/to/javascripts.js');

Note: If you do not depend on the importer you should use the internal used event name theme-plus-importer.collect-assets instead of the class constant.