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v0.4.1 -- 2013-02-02

Version name:WaddlingPeccary
  • Export plugins
    • Automatic generation of Wireshark dissectors
    • Automatic generation of Peach fuzzers
  • Workspaces and projects
    • Workspace manager
    • Project manager
    • Trace manager
  • Pretty print of XML files

  • Simplify the default Variable

  • Provide extra compile arguments to the build process

v0.4 -- 2012-11-15

Version name:JumpingRhino
  • User interface
    • New user-friendly graphical interface
    • Port Netzob to GTK+3
    • Allow specification of logging level in the UI
  • New plugin architecture

  • Internationalization of Netzob

  • Vocabulary inference
    • Support of layers
    • Support customized transformation functions
    • Provide the edition of a variable
    • Support IPv4, MAC and random binary variables
    • Support filters for displayed messages
    • Allow export of a selection of fields as a new symbol
  • Import
    • Importer for OSpy projects
    • Allow user to specify the import layer (2,3 or 4) while importing network messages
    • Allow to keep delimiter while file importing. Indicate the position of the delimiter
  • Automatic Bug Reporter

v0.3.3 -- 2012-06-06

Version name:FlyingRazorback
  • Graphical interface
    • Visualization and encoding filters
    • Mathematical filters (Base64, GZIP, BZ2)
    • Dedicated Search View
    • Preview of data rendering in contextual menu
    • Support format visualization at the symbol level
  • Partitioning
    • Alignment and sequencing by field
    • Execute alignment on specified symbols
    • Split field by the right
    • Allow the partitioning of messages with specified boundaries
    • Allow partitioning at the project and symbol level
    • Similarity score based on number of common dynamic elements
    • Optimization of Needleman : don't repeat the same computation twice
    • Implement native UPGMA algorithm
  • Grammar inference
    • Infer the grammar of a network client
  • Project/trace management
    • Export / Import projects
    • Importer for XML formated traces

v0.3.2 -- 2012-02-23

  • Upgrade Vocabulary Inference
    • Add Octal visualization
      • Feature #57: Resize columns
      • Feature #59: Allows to copy message/field to clipboard
      • Feature #60: Support simple alignment
      • Feature #62: Allow the deletion of multiple messages at a time
      • Feature #20: Show the current status of an alignment
      • Manual modification of the Regex of a field
    • Upgrade Grammar Inference
      • Feature #55: Dedicated GUI for the automatic inferring process
    • Upgrade Simulator
      • Feature #87: Specify source port for network simulator
  • Upgrade Import/Export and Traces Management
    • Feature #22: Activate the management of traces
    • Feature #61: Traces must be compressed when stored in the trace manager
    • Feature #92: Handle cooked socket (SLL) packet format
    • Feature #83: Support of human readable format export
    • Support Unicode for filenames
  • Extra
    • Workspace can be specified through a command line argument
    • Feature #73: Add manpage for Netzob
    • Feature #74: Add ".desktop" file in the official version
    • Apply pep8 quality repository on source code

v0.3.1 -- 2012-01-12

  • Small fixes

v0.3 -- 2012-01-12

  • Upgraded GUI and user experience
    • Add a menu
    • Simplify the Vocabulary inference panel
    • Add Workspaces and Projects definitions
  • Upgrade Vocabulary Inference
    • Add alignment based on an arbitrary delimitor

    • Identification of the definition domain of a field

    • Add support for environmental dependencies

    • Add new visualization of data encoding
      • Format: hex, string and binary
      • Unit size: bit, 8-bits, 16-bits, 32-bits and 64-bits
      • Sign: signed and unsigned
      • Endianess: big and little endian
    • Add concept of variable :
      • Include Binary Value
      • Include Word Value
      • Include Aggregate Value
      • Include Alternate Value
  • Add grammar inference module
    • Add the definition of the MMSTD model
    • Implementation of the Angluin L* algorithm
    • Implementation of the W-Method Algorithm
    • Add an alpha version of the automatic inferring process
  • Add simulation module
    • Supports Network Server and Client simulations
  • Add import modules : files and library calls
    • Add multiple files import
  • Extra

v0.2 -- 2011-09-01

  • Add import modules : IPC, PCAP and Live network flows
  • Add export module : raw XML format
  • Improvement of Needleman and Wunsh performance with OpenMP

v0.1 -- 2011-08-16

  • Initial release
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