@gbossert gbossert released this Apr 30, 2017 · 134 commits to master since this release

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v1.0.2 -- 2016-04-30

Version name: StompingFrilledShark

  • major improvement

    • global improvement of code architecture and organization
    • enable custom operations on fields values
    • a list of valid bytes can be specified to specify a subset of values a domain accepts
    • add SendReceived() method in all channels to simplify trafic generation
    • add traffic rate and duration constraints in channels and abstraction layer
    • new channel 'RawEthernetClient' to send raw Ethernet frames
    • new channel 'IPClient' to send raw IP frames
    • the Protocol class can load ZDL format and automata files
    • introduces Pseudo Field: a field used in the computation of another field but dont produce real content
  • minor improvement

    • pcap importer can merge consecutives messages with same source and destination to mimic a flow
    • improve unit-tests on relationship finder
    • an AbstractMessage stores the type of message
    • remove typechecking in channel write() methods to allow better performances
    • presets can be used when using AbstractionLayer
    • increase default maximum data size to 65535 * 8 (i.e. 65535 bytes)
  • major bug fix

    • fix symbol display when messages includes exotic encoded bytes
    • fix InternetChecksum computation
    • fix size field computation to allow payload of size > 23535 bytes
    • fix size field computation that depends on Repeat variable
    • fix InternetChecksum CRC computation to support bitarrays structures
  • minor bug fix

    • remove nbUnits from Integer class
    • remove the layer attribute of Fields
    • fix the identification of data-type relationships
    • convert snippets in the documentation to python3

@gbossert gbossert released this Mar 7, 2017 · 245 commits to master since this release

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v1.0.1 -- 2017-03-05

Version name: StompingFrilledShark

  • minor improvement

    • Improves code style (mostly PEP8 constraints)
    • File Importer
    • On-demand performance tests for parallel alignment (de)activation
    • Ensures determinism of ClusterBySize clustering method
    • Base64 and Zlib Encoding functions
  • minor bug fix

    • Updates Copyright dates in source headers
    • Removes obsolete Rep module

@Sygus Sygus released this Feb 3, 2017 · 281 commits to master since this release

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v1.0 -- 2017-02-03

:Version name: StompingFrilledShark

  • major improvement
    • "FlowParser" to parse a succession of message made of different symbols
    • large test campaign created to ensure netzob's quality
    • migration to python3
    • add SSL client and server channels
    • improve package hierarchy
  • minor improvement
    • enable travis supervision
    • measure test coverage
    • Entropy measurement methods
    • support for timestamps detection
    • improve size field detection algorithm
    • enable RAWIP channels
    • network pcap importer supports ICMP message
  • major bug fix
    • various bug fixes
    • multiple bug fixes in C alignment methods
  • minor bug fix
    • fix Symbol comparison methods
    • fix logging verbosity
    • remove useless codes and resources