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Adds MongoDB style embeds_many to ActiveRecord.


class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ActiveRecord::Embedding

  embeds_many :items

Now you can do all the magic ActiveRecord does not support natively.

@invoice =
@invoice.attributes = {items: [{description: "Some fancy ORM",                       value: 10.00},
                               {description: "When ActiveRecord does what you want", value: "priceless"}]}

You can also change your items and ActiveRecord will mark them for destruction and destroy them later.

# Imagine an Invoice with two items...
Items.count           # => 2
@invoice.items.length # => 2

# When we change the items to zero...
@invoice.attributes = {items: []}
@invoice.items.length # => 0
Items.count           # => 2 (because not saved yet)

# It will write the changes after we save them!
@invoice.items.length # => 0
Items.count           # => 0

Hopefully someday there will be native support for this in ActiveRecord.


Add the gem to your Gemfile

gem "activerecord-embedding"

Then use in your models.

class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ActiveRecord::Embedding

  embeds_many :items

Remember to include ActiveRecord::Embedding!


There are some pretty evil hacks in the source. Feel free to fix them and send me a pull request. Please comment your code and write tests. You can run the test suite with rake. Please do not modify the version.rb file.


(Because my short time memory lasts for less than 23 ignoseconds, I need to write this down)

# Remember to run the tests and to bump the version
gem build activerecord-embedding.gemspec
gem push activerecord-embedding-$version.gem


I must admit that this code is mostly based on a gist of netzpirat. Michael, you did a great job! I just improved your code, added a few really really ugly hacks to work around some strange ActiveRecord behavior and wrote some tests.