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The guard is awfully finicky. #12

mybuddymichael opened this Issue · 4 comments

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guard 'coffeescript' do
  watch %r{.+\.coffee$}

... I'd expect each .coffee file to be compiled into an appropriate .js file in each respective directory, similar to every other guard that compiles something. Instead all the .js gets compiled into the top-level directory. Am I missing something?

@netzpirat netzpirat closed this in 1f5725e

It looks like you're the first one after over 30'000 downloads who uses this Guard and does not use different source and target directories. You could have avoid your troubles by just adding an output directory, as described in my response to you in #11 or in the README.

The problem was a wrong implementation to fix #11 and I finally fixed it now correctly and added the missing spec I omit last time (my bad!). Version 0.5.6 is released for you.


I've tried setting :output to '', '.', and './' to no avail. None of those allow me to simply compile .coffee files into .js files in each respective directory.


You're right, that is only working when supplying a directory. I'm sorry about that.


Nice. Thanks.

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