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' doesn't work in IE8 #30

kalasjocke opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I just discovered that & apos; doesn't work in IE8 and the solution is to use & #39; according to this bug [1]. I tracked down where the replacement happen in the code, but I didn't find any tests to verify this behavior, so I created this issue instead.

Do you think it's a good idea to change the replacement from & apos; to & #39;?

Thanks for a great library.



Alright, so I managed to come up with a escaped solution that takes the & apos; into account, but It feels a but unreadable.

587         "code following '=' when escape_haml is set to true" : {           
588             "haml" : "= \"<'\\\"&>\"",                                     
589             "html" : "&lt;&apos;&quot;&amp;&gt;",                          
590             "config" : {                                                   
591                 "escape_html" : "true"                                     
592             }                                                              
593         }, 

What do you think?


Sorry for being late to the party, I enjoy my holidays and since the connection fees are rather high, I try to limit my Internet usage.

I'm fine with changing the apostrophe entity, since there are no downsides for other browsers, but Haml-Coffee will have better compatibility with ancient browsers.

When I took over the Haml Coffee development, a lot of code already exists but no test, so I decided to only have integration tests since my time to spent was limited. The template helpers have some tests within Haml Coffee Assets, but I didn't port them to Haml Coffee for now. Your test snippet looks fine, I'd definitely merge a pull request.

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