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doesn't support quoted symbols #43

aaronjensen opened this Issue · 5 comments

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.whatever { data: { :'some-thing' => 'foo' } }

Parses as

      $o.push("<div class='whatever'>{ data: { :'some-thing' => 'foo' } }</div>");

As far as I can tell, it's not possible to use dashes in any way. strings don't work on the left hand side either.


There are two things I can spot in your Haml:

  1. The attributes hash must directly follow the element/id/class name.
  2. You can't mix Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 style within the same attribute.

Testing it in the console looks fine:

» coffee
coffee> hc = require 'haml-coffee'
{ compile: [Function],
  template: [Function] }
coffee> hc.compile('.whatever{ data: { some-test: "test" } }')()
'<div class=\'whatever\' data-some-test=\'test\'></div>'
coffee> hc.compile('.whatever{ :data => { :some-test => "test" } }')()
'<div class=\'whatever\' data-some-test=\'test\'></div>'

I looks like quoting data attributes does indeed not work as intended:

coffee> hc.compile(".whatever{ data: { 'some-test': 'test' } }")()
'<div class=\'whatever\' data-\'some-test\'=\'test\'></div>'
coffee> hc.compile(".whatever{ data: { \"some-test\": 'test' } }")()
'<div class=\'whatever\' data-"some-test"=\'test\'></div>'

but it works fine for non-data attributes:

coffee> hc.compile(".whatever{ \"some-test\": 'test' }")()
'<div class=\'whatever\' some-test=\'test\'></div>'
coffee> hc.compile(".whatever{ 'some-test': 'test' }")()
'<div class=\'whatever\' some-test=\'test\'></div>'

I'll fix these on Monday. Thanks for reporting.


I typo'd the space, that wasn't actually there.

  1. It's odd that I can choose to not quote them. does that work in haml? it certainly doesn't work in ruby
  2. Why can't I combine the two syntaxes? I can in ruby. Does it not work in haml?

I tested in haml, I can combine syntaxes and i cannot use unquoted some-test


I didn't know that Ruby style attributes can be mixed actually. I'll have a look if I can change that and still can parse inline CoffeeScript code safely.

Just pushed a fix for the attribute quote problem to haml-coffee.


So mixing 1.8 and 1.9 attribute style is now possible in haml-coffee.

@netzpirat netzpirat closed this
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