A decoder for finite state models for text processing.
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Kyfd - Release 0.0.1

Kyfd is a general-purpose beam-search decoder for WFST-based data processing.

  Kyfd has been tested under Linux and gcc (versions 4.1.2-4.3.3).
  Two libraries are required to compile Kyfd:
    xerces-c for configuration file XML parsing
    OpenFst for implementation of basic WFST algorithms

  Kyfd uses the GNU build system.

  If you have checked out from git, you will be missing some of the files
  needed to build, generate them by running

  After this, follow the instructions in ./INSTALL

  To run the decoder, simply use
    kyfd [options...] config.xml < input.txt > output.txt

  Documentation can be viewed at http://www.phontron.com/kyfd
  See ./NEWS for updates since the last release