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Neubot debian

Script and patches to build Neubot for Debian.

The Makefile delegates the bulk of the work to scripts/make_deb.

The main Neubot repository is:


I have not rigorously tracked the dependencies; however, to build your own Debian packages, you need at least dpkg-dev, wget, openssl, gnupg, python, lintian, fakeroot, patch, sudo, and make.

How to build packages

Just type make deb-package and/or make deb-package-nox. Note that all the patches in the toplevel directory are applied to the Neubot sources before creating the package. This fact allows one to make local changes to the Debian package.

How to make a release

Double check that you are Simone Basso, then type make all. This command runs make deb-package and make deb-package-nox, then it creates and signs all the files required to setup an alternative Debian repository.

How to run the regression tests

Just type make regress.

Procedure for testing a release under Ubuntu

First of all, run the regression tests.


  1. make sure that Neubot autoupdates on a Ubuntu machine where a previous version of Neubot was already installed;
  2. install Neubot on an Ubuntu machine and:
    1. make sure it prompts for privacy settings during the install;
    2. make sure it prompts for privacy settings after a reboot;
    3. make sure that the following commands work properly: bittorrent, dash, database, notifier, privacy, raw, speedtest, viewer.

I typically test new releases on Ubuntu 12.04.