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@bassosimone bassosimone released this Feb 3, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

First public release of the v0.5.0.0 series. Usual issue of chicken and egg exists.

Tagging this, even if what we originally wanted to have implemented was not implemented yet, such that we can start deploying on test mlab machines and see if there are issues when running this code on the wild. Further changes can be applied and integrated, if needed, to make v0.5.0.x hotfix releases.

  • forked from neubot/neubot as a known-good point (latest stable release)
  • uses known-good neubot-runtime ( also forked from latest neubot release
  • uses known-good forks of tests also forked from latest neubot release
  • all tests are now modules loaded at runtime
  • did some work (but some work still missing) to make the server python3 compatible

Release brought to you by the efforts of @DavideAllavena and @bassosimone.

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