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Public GitHub Pages website for Neudesic.
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Neudesic GitHub Pages Website

Copyright © 2012 Neudesic, LLC


This project contains the source code and content for the public GitHub Pages website for Neudesic, LLC. This website will promote the open source projects and technical activities of Neudesic employees and will share code developed inside of Neudesic and contributed to the open source community.

Building the Website

In order to contribute content or features to the website, you first need to be able to build the website. This will require installing all of the prerequisite software. You will need to install the following software packages:

Once the prerequisite software in installed, you will need to download and install several packages using each language's package management tools. First, install Ruby Rake to support automatically building the website:

> gem install rake

Next, install Jekyll to generate the static website locally for testing:

> gem install jekyll

Install Pygments to support syntax highlighting for source code snippets that are included in the website and blog posts:

> easy_install Pygments

We use LESS to generate the CSS stylesheets for the website's themes. You will use NPM to install LESS:

> npm install -g less

You will need to also install Handlebars to pre-compiled the dynamic HTML templates used in the website:

> npm install -g handlebars

Finally, the JavaScript for the website starts off as CoffeeScript. You will need to install CoffeeScript in order to compile the page code into JavaScript:

> npm install -g coffee-script

Once the prerequisite software has been installed, you can build the website by running Ruby Rake:

> rake

Running the Website

After the website has been built, you can use the server.cmd script to run the Jekyll web server:

> server.cmd

If you are using Mac OSX or Linux to contribute to the website, you can execute the following shell command from the root directory of the website repository:

> jekyll --pygments --no-lsi --safe --server

Contributing to the Website

This content is not yet ready. Please check back soon.

Project Team

Name Email Twitter Role
Michael Collins @mfcollins3 Developer
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