Yet another C# Datadog client that supports DogStatsD and APM.
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Yet another C# Datadog client that supports DogStatsD and APM.

What is this

A Datadog client for C# which transport metrics to datadog agent. Datadog has official C# client but it is not performant. DatadogSharp is more performant and has zero-overhead api.

Additionaly supports Datadog APM API for Datadog trace agent with my fastest MessagePack for C# implements. This is only C# SDK which supports APM.


The library provides in NuGet for .NET 4.5, 4.6 and .NET Standard 2.0(.NET Core).

Install-Package DatadogSharp

How to use(DogStatsd)

At first, configure transport address on application startup.

using DatadogSharp.DogStatsd;

    address: "",
    port: 8125, // Optional, default is 8125
    metricNamePrefix: null, // Optinal, if exists prefix, append "prefix." on every metrics call
    defaultTags: null // Optional, append this tag with called tags

And instrument

// DatadogStats.Default is configured default invoker.

// Increment and Decrement is special case of `Counter`.
DatadogStats.Default.Decrement("metricA", 3);

// Metrics is follows to

// sampleRate and tags are optional
DatadogStats.Default.Histogram("merticB", sampleRate:0.5);
DatadogStats.Default.Histogram("merticB", tags:new[] { "mygroup:foo", "foobar" });

// BeginTimer is scoped verison of Timer, you can measure executing time easily

// You can Event and ServiceCheck. message is automaticaly truncated max 4096.
DatadogStats.Default.Event("MyApp.Exception", "Stacktrace and messdages",  alertType:AlertType.Error);

If you want to use another configuration(meric prefix, default tags), you can create DatadogStats instance and use it.

var anotherStats = new DatadogStats("", 9999);

How to use(APM)

APM's entrypoint is TracingManager. Here is the simple sample of APM Client.

using (var trace = TracingManager.Default.BeginTracing("Request", "/Home/Index", "webservice", "web"))

    using (trace.BeginSpan("QuerySql", trace.Resource, "sqlserver", "db"))



Windows binary of trace agent is in datadog-trace-agent's releases page.

BeginTracing returns TracingScope, it starts tracing as root, when calls TracingScope.Dispose(or use using scope) finish measurement and enqueue to send worker.

BeginSpan returns SpanScope, it starts child tracing, when calls SpanScope.Dispose(or use using scope) finish measurement and add span to root tracing.

TracingScope and SpanScope have WithMeta and WithError methods for append additional info.

using (var trace = TracingManager.Default.BeginTracing("Request", "/Home/Index", "webservice", "web"))
        // do anything...
        var userId = ....
        trace.WithMeta(new Dictionary<string, string>
            {"userId", userId.ToString() }
    catch (Exception ex)
        trace.WithError(); // mark error.
        trace.WithMeta(new Dictionary<string, string>
            {"exception", ex.ToString() }
void Application_BeginRequest()
    var trace = TracingManager.Default.BeginTracing("Request", "/Home/Index", "webservice", "web");
    HttpContext.Current.Items["DatadogTracingScope"] = trace;

void Application_EndRequest()
    var scope = HttpContext.Current.Items["DatadogTracingScope"] as TracingScope;
    scope?.Dispose(); // complete scope.

void Application_Error()
    var scope = HttpContext.Current.Items["DatadogTracingScope"] as TracingScope;
    var ex = Server.GetLastError();
    scope.WithMeta(x =>
        x.Add("exception", ex.ToString());

ASP.NET Core in IHttpContextAccessor

Real sample

In web, store TraceScope in HttpContext.

you can store in AsyncLocal.


DatadogClient is wrapper of HttpClient to access APM endpoint.

Author Info

Yoshifumi Kawai(a.k.a. neuecc) is a software developer in Japan.
He is the Director/CTO at Grani, Inc.
Grani is a mobile game developer company in Japan and well known for using C#.
He is awarding Microsoft MVP for Visual C# since 2011.
He is known as the creator of UniRx(Reactive Extensions for Unity)

Blog: (English)
Blog: (Japanese)
Twitter: (Japanese)


This library is under the MIT License.