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Technical blog:
Twitter: @neuecc (5334 followers)
GitHub: (35 source repositories) (3 source repositories)
Slideshare: (47 slides)


  • 10 years of C# development experience
    • Strongly knowledge of C# language and meta-programming with IL code generation
    • I’ve built in-house framework and some OSS libraries
      • Serializer, ORM, DI, Web Framework, Authentication, API Client, Visual Studio Extension, Analyzer, Unit Test Library, Logger, etc.
  • 5 years of Unity development experience
    • Leading development of UniRx that famous Unity assets
  • Publishing many C# libraries in GitHub(38 repositories) and NuGet(82 packages)
  • Evangelism of technology and presentation skills
    • Achieved Microsoft MVP for 7 years
  • Experienced company management for 5 years
    • Growed 10 to 100 employees number


Cysharp, Inc. TOKYO, JAPAN : Sep 2018-

Founder, CEO, CTO

New World, Inc. TOKYO, JAPAN : Apr 2018-

Founder, CEO, CTO

Grani, Inc. TOKYO, JAPAN : Oct 2012 - May 2018

Director, CTO


  • Joined early stage and board member of company, engineering
  • Technical architect of “Black Knight and White Devil”(2017) that built on Unity(Client) and gRPC(Server)
  • Technical architect of “Valhalla-Gate”(2013) which is web-based high traffic social game


gloops, Inc. TOKYO, JAPAN : Jan 2012 - Oct 2012

Software Architect


  • Technical architect of web-based high traffic social game


  • Developed “Sangokushi Battle”’s battle engine that built on C# 4.0, SQL Server, Redis
  • Leading initial design of next generation common framework(ORM, Logging, Authentication)
  • Teaching C# language to all engineers
  • Supports corporate technical branding
    • Session talk at large conferences
    • Interviewed at some web sites

EAST Co., Ltd. TOKYO, JAPAN : Apr 2008 - Dec 2011

Software Engineer


  • Team member of small web engineering team


  • Web programming
    • C# 3.0: ASP.NET Web Forms, ADO.NET, SQL Server
    • JavaScript: prototype.js


Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies(C#) : Apr,2011 - July,2019


I’ve talked at small community event to large conference(Unite, AWS Summit, etc) in six years about C#, there all 44 slides are available on slideshare.


#01 2009-04-04 linq.js LINQ for JavaScript.

#02 2009-10-29 AnonymousComparer Lambda compare selector for Linq.

#03 2010-04-07 DbExecutor Simple and Lightweight Database Executor.

#04 2010-04-30 DynamicJson dynamic json structure for C# 4.0.

#05 2010-07-15 XStreamingReader Xml Stream(XmlReader) to IEnumerable for Windows Phone(memory save) or parse large Xml.

#06 2010-09-12 ReactiveOAuth OAuth library for .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7.

#07 2011-02-22 ChainingAssertion Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods and Dynamic Private Accessor.

#08 2011-10-17 ReactiveProperty ReactiveProperty provides MVVM and asynchronous support features under Reactive Extensions.

#09 2012-02-18 ImplicitQueryString Magic for QueryString parsing.

#10 2012-04-02 HashMapper Object-Hash Mapper for Redis and BookSleeve.

#11 2012-12-03 MemcachedTranscoder C# Memcached Transcoders.

#12 2013-02-27 AsyncOAuth Portable Client Library and HttpClient based OAuth library.

#13 2013-04-05 CloudStructures Redis Client based on StackExchange.Redis.

#14 2013-12-06 OwinRequestScopeContext Owin Middleware it is possible to RequestScopeContext like HttpContext.Current but no dependent System.Web.

#15 2013-12-08 Owin.RedisSession Redis Session Provider for Owin.

#16 2013-12-23 LightNode Micro RPC/REST Framework built on OWIN.

#17 2013-12-23 RespClient RespClient is a minimal RESP(REdis Serialization Protocol) client for C# and PowerShell.

#18 2014-05-28 UniRx Reactive Extensions for Unity.

#19 2014-09-24 LINQ to BigQuery LINQ to BigQuery is C# LINQ Provider for Google BigQuery. It also enables Desktop GUI Client with LINQPad and plug-in driver.

#20 2014-10-28 LINQ to GameObject LINQ to GameObject - Traverse GameObject Hierarchy by LINQ

#21 2015-01-14 Open on GitHub Visual Studio Extension for opening files on

#22 2015-03-30 NotifyPropertyChangedGenerator Roslyn Analyzer/Generator for avoid boring boilerplate INotifyPropertyChanged implementation.

#23 2015-11-03 EtwStream Logs are event streams. EtwStream provides In-Process and Out-of-Process ObservableEventListener. Everything can compose and output to anywhere by Reactive Extensions.

#24 2016-03-18 SerializableDictionary SerializableCollections(SerializableDictionary, SerializableLookup, SerializableTuple) for Unity.

#25 2012-05-23 MarkdownGenerator Generate markdown from C# binary & xml document for GitHub Wiki.

#26 2016-05-31 PhotonWire Typed Asynchronous RPC Layer for Photon Server + Unity.

#27 2016-06-07 ObserveEveryValueChanged Voodoo Magic for WPF.

#28 2016-11-08 ZeroFormatter Fastest C# Serializer and Infinitely Fast Deserializer for .NET, .NET Core and Unity.

#29 2017-01-09 MasterMemory Embedded Readonly In-Memory Document Database for .NET, .NET Core and Unity.

#30 d2017-03-05 RuntimeUnitTestToolkit Unity unit test framework focused on run play time and actual machine.

#31 2017-03-13 MessagePack-CSharp Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin).

#32 2017-04-20 ReMotion Hyper Fast Reactive Tween Engine for Unity.

#33 2017-04-24 DatadogSharp Yet another C# Datadog client that supports DogStatsD and APM.

#34 2017-06-05 MagicOnion Unified Realtime/API Engine for .NET Core and Unity.

#35 2017-07-09 MicroResolver Extremely Fast Dependency Injection Library.

#36 2017-08-18 MySqlSharp Extremely Fast MySQL Driver for C#, work in progress.

#37 2017-09-27 Utf8Json Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin).

#38 2018-02-16 HyperMapper An alternative to AutoMapper, Hyper fast object-to-object mapper built on fastest serializer technology.

#39 2019-04-05 MicroBatchFramework Cloud Native Batch Framework for C#.

#40 2019-03-28 Ulid Fast .NET Standard(C#) Implementation of ULID.


Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences, TOKAI UNIVERSITY, Tokyo (2008)


My Resume



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