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Simple github action to deploy an image revision to Cloud Run
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Github Action for Google Cloud Run

An GitHub Action for deploying revisions to Google Cloud Run.


In your actions workflow, somewhere after the step that builds<your-project>/<image>, insert this:

- name: Deploy service to Cloud Run
  uses: stefda/action-cloud-run@1.0.0
    service: [your-service]
    project: [your-project]
    region: [gcp-region]
    env: [path-to-env-file]
    service key: ${{ secrets.GCLOUD_AUTH }}

Your GCLOUD_AUTH secret (or whatever you name it) must be a base64 encoded gcloud service key with the following permissions:

  • Service Account User
  • Cloud Run Admin
  • Storage Admin

The image must be "pushable" to one of Google's container registries, i.e. it should be in the[project]/[image] or[project]/[image] format.

The env input is optional. If you don't provide a path to env file the run deployment will be triggered with the --clear-env-vars flag.

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