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This project will scrape the youtube embeds included in the CBC Radio 2 top 20 web page, attempt to download it with youtube-dl and convert to MP3
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This project evolved from when it started and the title is not-so-relevant anymore. This project hits a desired CBC Radio 2 playlog and scrapes it for song info. It then will search youtube for each song, download it with youtube-dl and convert it to an MP3 and add appropriate ID3 tags.


  • Ruby (tested with ruby version 2.2) also ruby-dev if on Ubuntu
  • Bundler (gem install bundler)
  • Youtube-DL
  • A Google/Youtube API Key (see Building)
  • ffmpeg libraries for the MP3 conversion done by youtube-dl
  • eyeD3 (On Ubuntu/Debian it is available via sudo apt-get install eyed3)


Install all dependencies indicated above

Clone the repository and run bundle install to install the required Gems.

git clone
cd ./top20scrape
bundle install


Follow the instructions HERE to obtain a Youtube API key. There are multiple kinds of Youtube API keys - you only need the one that 'does not require user interactions'. Once you have this key save it in the file api_key.txt replacing the text API_KEY_HERE. Your API key should be the ONLY thing present in the file.

Running the script

The main script playlog_scrape.rb takes 2 command line parameters.

The first parameter is the title of the radio show you wish to scrape. Current valid options. are the following:

  • Radio 2 Morning
  • Shift
  • Radio 2 Drive
  • Canada Live
  • Tonic
  • The Signal
  • A Propos

The second parameter is the desired date you wish to scrape the playlog for. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

Note: scraping on weekend dates is currently disabled as the radio show schedule differs.

The script will dump finished MP3 downloads into the ./songs directory, and will write the youtube link it used in downloaded_songs.txt. downloaded_songs.txt is checked before each download to avoid duplicates.


ruby playlog_scrape.rb 'Radio 2 Morning'

In the above example no date was given as the second argument, so the script will scrape today's page for the 'Radio 2 Morning' show.

ruby playlog_scrape.rb 'Radio 2 Drive' 2015-09-21

The above example will scrape the 'Radio 2 Drive' playlogs for September 21st, 2015.

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