Accompanying material to our Code4Lib article on OXPath
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Material for Code4Lib Paper on OXPath

This repository contains accompanying material to our article submitted to the Code4Lib Journal.

Getting Started

To get a copy of the materials, use either git clone, or download the repository's content as a compressed file (.zip) and extract it anywhere on your local file system.


Currently, OXPath is only supported on 64bit Linux-based operating systems. Java has to be installed on this system (version 8 or above). Optionally, the xvfb package has to be installed if you want to use the option to run Firefox in the X virtual framebuffer for the evaluation of OXPath expressions.

Installation of XVFB (e.g. on Ubuntu 16.04)

$ sudo apt install xvfb

Get OXPath

OXPath can be obtained from:

Pick the latest version of the CLI jar and save it to a convenient location.

Running the example

With OXPath 2.0

To run the example, fire up a command line where you extracted/cloned this repository to, and input the following command, where

  • -query bicc_WP.oxp: reads the OXPath expression in the file bicc_WP.oxp
  • -logfile uses the provided custom logging configuration file for more verbose logging (recommended for OXPath beginners)
  • -browser firefox_xvfb: runs the OXPath evaluation with a virtual frame buffer
  • -output bicc_WP.xml: re-directs the XML output to the file bicc_WP.xml
  • -xml: sets the output format to XML
$ java -jar oxpath-2.0-cli.jar -query bicc_WP.oxp -logfile -browser firefox_xvfb -output bicc_WP.xml -xml

With OXPath 2.0.2

(will be released soon, more info to follow)


  • Mandy Neumann - Lead author of the article


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.


  • Jan Steinberg - Contributor of the OXPath expression script and second author
  • Philipp Schaer - Third author and proof-reader