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Neural Magic

Neural Magic helps developers in accelerating deep learning performance using automated model sparsification technologies and a CPU inference engine.


  1. deepsparse deepsparse Public

    Sparsity-aware deep learning inference runtime for CPUs

    Python 2.6k 151

  2. sparseml sparseml Public

    Libraries for applying sparsification recipes to neural networks with a few lines of code, enabling faster and smaller models

    Python 1.8k 135

  3. sparsezoo sparsezoo Public

    Neural network model repository for highly sparse and sparse-quantized models with matching sparsification recipes

    Python 335 21

  4. sparsify sparsify Public

    ML model optimization product to accelerate inference.

    Python 305 26

  5. examples examples Public

    Notebooks using the Neural Magic libraries 📓

    Jupyter Notebook 31 5

  6. docs docs Public

    Top-level directory for documentation and general content

    HTML 118 5


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