Create Hybrid ISO Bootable USB
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Copy hybrid iso image to USB device safely with dd tool. If the image is not hybrid, it dds the image as is. If the -c flag is passed then it converts the non-hybrid image to hybrid in-place (you will have to backup it manually if you want).


When -c option is given, if the image provided is not hybrid, it tries to convert it to hybrid image, which depends on isohybrid (which further depends on syslinux, syslinux-utils) .


You can use it from the directory where it resides, or you can install it with:

chmod +x ./chibu #giving execution permission
./ #as root


./chibu iso_path usb_device [options]
#or if you installed it, then:
chibu iso_path usb_device [options]


    iso_path		Path to ISO image
    usb_device		USB device path (e.g. /dev/sdb)
    -b, --block		Block size
    -c, --conv		Convert to hybrid if not
    -h , --help		Show this help message
    -v, --version	Show version info