An example of an Android Activity written in Haskell
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An example of an Android Activity written in Haskell.

Before building this example Android App you will need a working Android cross-compiler for arm and x86.

You can build working cross-compilers with the ghc-android built tool at Follow the instructions there and build both arm and x86 variants. If you want to just build this example App for arm or x86 you will need to edit custom_rules.xml and jni/

Once you have a working compiler you will also need to install the foreign-jni package from and any dependencies it requires. To do so, use the cabal wrapper that came with your cross-compiler. For example run

 arm-linux-androideabi-cabal install


 i686-linux-android-cabal install

in the foreign-jni working tree root.

Once you have all the correct dependencies installed you can build android-haskell-activity with:

 ant debug


 ant release

and install and run it on a real device.

Have a lot of fun!