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This repository is a container of methods that Neurodata uses to expose their open-source code while it is in the process of being merged with larger scientific libraries such as scipy, scikit-image, or scikit-learn. Additionally, methods for computational neuroscience on brains too specific for a general scientific library can be found here, such as image registration software tuned specifically for large brain volumes. Documentation can be found by clicking on the Netlify badge below:

Netlify Status

Brainlit is a product of the neurodata lab. It is actively maintained by Thomas Athey (@tathey1) and Bijan Varjavand (@bvarjavand), and is regularly used and contributed to by students in the Neuro Data Design course. We strive to follow the same code of conduct that applies to the Microsoft open source community.


We welcome all contributors, and encourage them to follow our contribution guidelines gound in Issues with the "good first issue" tag are meant for contributors that are either new to open source coding, or new to the package. Additionally, users are encouraged to use issues not only to discuss code-related problems, but for more general discussions about the package.