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DICOM to Nifti conversion with meta data preservation
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This package provides DICOM to Nifti conversion with the added ability to extract and summarize meta data from the source DICOMs. The meta data can be injected it into a Nifti header extension or written out as a JSON formatted text file.


Documentation can be read online:

You can build the HTML documentation under build/sphinx/html with:

$ python build_sphinx

If you have the sphinx and numpydoc packages and a make command you can build the documentation by running the make command in the doc/ directory. For example, to create the HTML documentation you would do:

$ make html

And then view doc/_build/html/index.html with a web browser.

Running Tests

You can run the tests with:

$ python test

Or if you already have the nose package installed you can use the nosetests command in the top level directory:

$ nosetests


You can install the .zip or .tar.gz package with the easy_install command.

$ easy_install

Or you can uncompress the package and in the top level directory run:

$ python install

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