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package crdt
import "encoding/json"
type mainSet map[interface{}]struct{}
var (
// GSet should implement the set interface.
_ Set = &GSet{}
// Gset is a grow-only set.
type GSet struct {
mainSet mainSet
// NewGSet returns an instance of GSet.
func NewGSet() *GSet {
return &GSet{
mainSet: mainSet{},
// Add lets you add an element to grow-only set.
func (g *GSet) Add(elem interface{}) {
g.mainSet[elem] = struct{}{}
// Contains returns true if an element exists within the
// set or false otherwise.
func (g *GSet) Contains(elem interface{}) bool {
_, ok := g.mainSet[elem]
return ok
// Len returns the no. of elements present within GSet.
func (g *GSet) Len() int {
return len(g.mainSet)
// Elems returns all the elements present in the set.
func (g *GSet) Elems() []interface{} {
elems := make([]interface{}, 0, len(g.mainSet))
for elem := range g.mainSet {
elems = append(elems, elem)
return elems
type gsetJSON struct {
T string `json:"type"`
E []interface{} `json:"e"`
// MarshalJSON will be used to generate a serialized output
// of a given GSet.
func (g *GSet) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
return json.Marshal(&gsetJSON{
T: "g-set",
E: g.Elems(),
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