Deadventure - Incremental/Semi-Idle casual game thing
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Deadventure - Incremental/Semi-Idle casual game thing

Deadventure - Notes for version 0.7 Alpha:


  • BUGTRACKER and bug tracker link on game.
  • Reversed: Thirst/Hunger bars and Proximity icons.
  • Added maximum proximity above proximity icons.
  • Loot is now tied to an area type - I.e. Crowbars are building sites and factories and police baton at police areas etc.
  • New "found items" area stays on the right of the screen.
  • Clicking an item no longer makes all items of that type disapear.
  • Removed duplicate "travelled" text.
  • Slow searches now yield more items and a greater chance of finding some.
  • Better object detection when using an item (plus more descriptive actions).
  • Removed empty water bottle and added half full bottle until water sources are implemented.
  • Some minor CSS changes.


  • Some small CSS layout amends.
  • Pausing actually pauses the hunger and thirst now! No more dying when paused.
  • Added difficulty options, difficulty = zombie proximity levels.
  • Added unsorted (and very basic) hi-score table!
  • On "slow" searching, you get 1 more item.
  • Items you find and items in your inventory now have stats when you hover over them.
  • Stealth button added! Level up stealth by travelling while enabled.
  • When you die, your save is auto-deleted. Your score is added to the hi-score table though.
  • The higher your stealth level the less likely the zombie proximity will go down.
  • Containers (such as backpacks) are now in and working, they all weight 0.1 but provide extra weight carrying. Currently you cannot take one off, only replace with a new one and the previous one is destroyed.
  • Added a GitHub repo for all to see my messy code.
  • Made the donate bar hideable. I don't want to force you to donate.
  • Pause function added for those times you get hungry in real life too.
  • Areas now show percentage chance of getting loot there.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts:
    s = slow search f = fast search i = inventory r - rest t - travel p - pause enter - save
  • Craftables started to be added (nailed baseball bat and hairspray bomb).
  • Power of zombies now depends on your strength level. Stronger you are, harder they are.
  • You now start with a proximity of 10 to give you time to get started
  • Random Male and Female names.
  • 168 face pictures found online (temporary until I get artwork done).
  • You now start with 50% hunger and 50% thirst. ...But...
  • You start with an Apple.
  • [BUG] Interface gets a little messy when you get down to 1024x768 - I recommend 1280x720 at the moment :/
  • [BUG] Equipped weapon not shown on screen
  • Totally new design and new name.
  • Random Google Images (low quality and a little too random, but it'll do for now).
  • Area spawning now has a rarity - house are more common than military. Loot is still random, I will be adding loot rarity next.
  • You can now pick up too many items and be encumbered, drop or use some to be able to travel again.
  • Zombies now continue to hunt you when you are looting and resting! Beware!
  • New score system incorporating all experience and skills.
  • Experience system, the more you do the more that skill gains. Once they hit 100 - you level up in that skill and things become easier and faster.
  • Basic fighting system in place defending means you take less damage, gain Exp but don't attack. You can also run away like a pussy.
  • Weapons now affect how much damage you do per hit, equip them by clicking them in your inventory.
  • The faster the zombie, the more mean it is.
  • Travelling now makes you more hungry/thirsty.
  • Small chance of finding a book to increase your experience bars. One book per skill.
  • Standing still (not touching any buttons) now makes zombies come towards you
  • New subreddit:
  • 50 first names, 50 surnames - 2500 combinations.
  • A few new items, nothing massive until I do the item overhaul that I'm planning. This will incorporate crafting.
  • [BUG] Occassionally buttons get stuck for some reason, please email me if you find this (include what you did)