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fMRI Point Process Avalanches

A Python package for doing point process analyses on fMRI data.

Built at Neurohackweek 2017 by:

(Project directory structure organization via Shablona.)

More Info

As a first pass, we have implemented the threshold-based point process and avalanche detection methods described in the following paper:

Tagliazucchi, E., Balenzuela, P., Fraiman, D., & Chialvo, D. R. (2012). Criticality in large-scale brain FMRI dynamics unveiled by a novel point process analysis. Frontiers in Physiology, 3, 15.

Summer of Code Blog Posts

Asier created an early version of this package in 2015 as a participant in the Google Summer of Code program. He documented his work in a few blog posts:

His original code can be found here.

Test Data

To test our code during Neurohackweek, in addition to simulated data with known avalanches, we also used openly shared preprocessed fMRI data from OpenNeuro: