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 - libreadline-java jar is already included in the lib folder
 - Reference that libreadline-java package is required on RedHat and
 - No need to encode < or > symbols
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@@ -99,8 +99,6 @@ features of the GNU-readline library and therefore needs the JNI java wrapper li
( <a href="">compilation on Mac OS X</a> )
To build HenPlus the <a href="">ant build tool</a> (Version >= 1.4) is required.
-To compile HenPlus, make sure that the `libreadline-java.jar` is in the classpath (RedHat and Debian installs the
-java-readline package in `/usr/share/java/libreadline-java.jar`).
Now, just type
@@ -147,12 +145,14 @@ then, the JNI-part of the readline library could not be found, so command line e
from stdin as fallback. This happens if the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` does not point to the JNI library; edit the `/usr/bin/henplus`
shellscript so that the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` contains the directory where `` resides.
+For RedHat and Debian you can just install the `libreadline-java` package.
### First steps
The important commands you need to know to get it running are `help` and `connect`. The help command gives an overview,
what commands are supported:
- Hen*Plus&gt; help
+ Hen*Plus> help
help | ? : provides help for commands
about | version | license : about HenPlus
exit | quit : exits HenPlus
@@ -203,8 +203,8 @@ the following example:
interactive input from HenPlus is disconnected from the
subprocess' stdin. But this is useful to call some small
commands in the middle of the session. There are two syntaxes
- supported: system &lt;command&gt; or even shorter with the
- exclamation mark: !&lt;command&gt;.
+ supported: system <command> or even shorter with the
+ exclamation mark: !<command>.
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