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F1 = Map editor
F2 = Blockinfo editor
F3 = Exact Actor editor
F4 = Random Actor editor
F5 = Stairs editor
F6 = Network Closet editor
F7 = Lift editor
F8 = Mission parameters editor
F9 = Message editor
F10 = Helpscreen for each of the editors
F11 = Load mission
F12 = Save mission
ESC = Quit
To make a new mission, copy the files ORIGINAL.BLK and ORIGINAL.INF
to <yourmission>.BLK and <yourmission>.INF in the MISSIONS subdirectory.
Then use Load mission (F11) in the editor, it will load the blocks and
blockinfo and then you can begin to draw your own map.
Press O for Layer Options to enlarge the map. You must do this for
both layers 1 & 2. To layer 1 you should draw floors, stairs etc.
and to layer 2 walls, tables, doors etc. Look at the original mission
to see how it all is done.
You can also make your own blocks (and blockinfos): Create a LBM picture
with Deluxe Paint which uses the same colors as the original BOFH
blocks and run this commandline: (BMECONV.EXE is found from the TOOLS
bmeconv -b -t255 -r254 -h253 <yourblocks>.lbm missions\<yourmission>.blk
Then Load Mission in the editor and begin to create your own map, blockinfos
and mission.
Important: never place anything to location (0,0) because it is used to
mark non-existent in the mission data!