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Perceive (MATLAB)

TUTORIAL: addpath C:\code\perceive perceive v0.2 Contributors Tomas Sieger, Wolf-Julian Neumann, Gerd Tinkhauser This is an open research tool that is not intended for clinical purposes.

What's new?

Tomas Sieger has added support for unilateral implants! I have written some code for artefact detection and cleaning that is automatically run on all BrainSense TimeDomain signals.



All input is optional, you can specify files as cell or character array (e.g. files = 'Report_Json_Session_Report_20200115T123657.json') if files isn't specified or remains empty, it will automatically include all files in the current working directory if no files in the current working directory are found, a you can choose files via the MATLAB uigetdir window.


you can specify a subject ID for each file in case you want to follow an IRB approved naming scheme for file export e.g. run perceive('Report_Json_Session_Report_20200115T123657.json','Charite_sub-001') if unspecified or left empy, the subjectID will be created from ImplantDate, first letter of disease type and target (e.g. sub-2020110DGpi)


The script generates BIDS inspired subject and session folders with the ieeg format specifier. All time series data are being exported as FieldTrip '.mat' files, as these require no additional dependencies for creation. You can reformat with FieldTrip and SPM to MNE python and other formats (e.g. using fieldtrip2fiff([fullname '.fif'],data))

Recording type output naming

Each of the FieldTrip data files correspond to a specific aspect of the Recording session: LMTD = LFP Montage Time Domain - BrainSenseSurvey IS = Indefinite Streaming - BrainSenseStreaming CT = Calibration Testing - Calibration Tests BSL = BrainSense LFP (2 Hz power average + stimulation settings) BSTD = BrainSense Time Domain (250 Hz raw data corresponding to the BSL file)


ADD BATTERY DRAIN information per sesssion ADD BSL data to BSTD ephys file ADD PATIENT SNAPSHOT EVENT READINGS ADD CHRONIC DIAGNOSTIC READINGS ADD Lead DBS Integration for electrode location


This repository contains MATLAB code to extract data from the Medtronic Percept bidirectional brain computer interface device for adaptive deep brain stimulation.








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