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and others added some commits Feb 9, 2012
@neuront wsgi gateway init e0f26fc
@neuront wsgi: receive post via ajax 60aa184
@neuront get hint of active frame 0fffca4
@neuront add characters and skills 89160d2
@neuront card pool b5cbbcd
@neuront use card pool 60fb664
@neuront event readability ca394d8
@neuront add start and heartbeat for event list f2cff7c
@neuront room status & host 6419029
@neuront refactor game bf9db49
@neuront get hint and highlight activated players background d2dad4a
@neuront test for game 74b91db
@neuront exit a game before started 5349537
@neuront more events parse ff0c285
@neuront strings.js c6ae00c
@neuront game start (statuses mode) e54a987
@neuront pass token to hint 249c8a5
@neuront characters selection 51a0674
@neuront player positions and hint parser 0144ad4
@neuront paint via canvas 7110d2f
@neuront move view utils to view.js b3b0358
@neuront vigor & select cards f62134c
@neuront pure canvas painting 2da1d69
@neuront suit coloring 3cbaf2f
@neuront discardCards button e5ea730
@neuront player discard cards hint 3f2926d
@neuront discarding cards 187b343
@neuront code fix: reset me.right 1649d36
@neuront show last discarded ae1ec8b
@neuront code fix: change color f054141
@neuront code fix: naming 57bc7c3
@neuront canvas lite d8d2625
@neuront enable log and crit 33630b8
@neuront discarding requirement c3a225e
@neuront change discard cards hint 6360f82
@neuront using card hint b56e71e
@neuront update hint after using a card 94fd2f6
@neuront target hints 7b1e1d2
@neuront stack frame: call on_result before resume 1ef04b7
@neuront play cards hint 352be2f
@neuront merge hint bb957aa
@neuront change `give up` to `abort` 01ab156
@neuront change use card interface format 45f7fd8
@neuront equipment hint bb60788
@neuront fix hint ce5d63f
@neuront fix fire attack hint 2d20f9e
@neuront fix sabotage/steal arg format 84d5dcd
@neuront fix select character arg / hint 48089e9
@neuront arg for select characters 6ac0547
@neuront bequeathed strategy hint 5eea8a9
@neuront refactor scripts by hint 879a365
@neuront equipment action 572a49e
@neuront fix bugs and interfaces 715a9ce
@neuront paint cards in center not use independent canvas lite 3b6dd76
@neuront player not contains SGS_Player, inherit it c8df979
@neuront SGS_InitMe 8b450ed
@neuront click self f63170a
@neuront event equip & unequip 7e3099f
@neuront remove region after losing equipment c64b289
@neuront more events implement 314e537
@neuront filter duplicated hint dd197dd
@neuront fix bequeathed strategy and heavenly scent cbf1013
@neuront refactor game room 352b872
@neuront change exception type 523b0c0
@neuront Merge branch 'wsgi' of into wsgi 8883322
@neuront fix selecting bug; fix code 0cb8285
@neuront fix code 0ebba64
@neuront change targets key from candidates to targets ad3f122
@neuront action frames fix d6042e7
@neuront card properties & youth beauty 14e85f6
linluxiang add net c4bde5a
@neuront neuront closed this Mar 5, 2012
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