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defunct web browser for pen-testing
Python JavaScript


Security tool that enables security analysis and penetration testing, BlackSheep is a framework which focuses on augmenting manual pen-test by providing information to the tester. BlackSheep also keeps track of every testing steps employed by the pen-tester and facilitates the storage of the results and test cases.


Current features

  • Support of common web technologies: web engine using WebKit (Qt port) to render JavaScript and CSS, support of netscape plugins for Flash, Silverlight, etc.
  • HTTP requests tampering (GET, POST, Cookie and Headers) by interception or request replay
  • Exploited XSS that trigger an alert/prompt will be automatically added to findings (based on JavaScript engine runtime events monitoring), using the sheep testing mode
  • Findings collection based on custom data structure, easy creation of findings based on HTTP history.
  • History of HTTP requests and responses
  • Web application informations for pen-testers: Site structure (simple tree sitemap), Application Flow Map with heuristics and view of all information for each node, Source code/DOM view with search, WebKit Inspector available for all pages, Record of user interactions (clicks, keyboard, etc.) on each web pages (Test case tab)
  • Partial support of URL rewriting rules
  • Direct JavaScript injection in DOM
  • Different transcoders available for charsets, encodings (URL encoding, Base64, etc.)
  • JavaScript and Python plugins support


  • Python 2.6, or 2.7
  • PyQt4 (version 4.7.0 or higher)
  • python-graph (version 1.7 or higher)

On OSX, you can get PyQt4 using macports:

sudo port install py27-pyqt4

And python-graph can be fetch using easy_install:

easy_install python-graph-core

The windows version of PyQt4 can be downloaded at riverbankcomputing, and for Ubuntu's using apt-get.

Running BlackSheep

To launch the GUI, you simply need to run


that should be it.

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