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* Credits:
* Code adopted from Lode Vandevenne
#pragma once
#include "ofConstants.h"
class ofMatrix3x3 {
* [ a b c ]
* [ d e f ]
* [ g h i ]
float a;
float b;
float c;
float d;
float e;
float f;
float g;
float h;
float i;
ofMatrix3x3( float _a=0.0, float _b=0.0, float _c=0.0,
float _d=0.0, float _e=0.0, float _f=0.0,
float _g=0.0, float _h=0.0, float _i=0.0 );
void set( float _a, float _b, float _c,
float _d, float _e, float _f,
float _g, float _h, float _i );
float& operator[]( const int& index );
* Transpose:
* This changes the matrix.
* [ a b c ]T [ a d g ]
* [ d e f ] = [ b e h ]
* [ g h i ] [ c f i ]
void transpose();
* Transpose without changing the matrix.
* Uses the "swap" method with additions and subtractions to swap the elements that aren't on the main diagonal.
* @return transposed matrix.
ofMatrix3x3 transpose(const ofMatrix3x3& A);
* Determinant:
float determinant() const;
float determinant(const ofMatrix3x3& A);
* Inverse of a 3x3 matrix
the inverse is the adjoint divided through the determinant
find the matrix of minors (minor = determinant of 2x2 matrix of the 2 rows/colums current element is NOT in)
turn them in cofactors (= change some of the signs)
find the adjoint by transposing the matrix of cofactors
divide this through the determinant to get the inverse
void invert();
ofMatrix3x3 inverse(const ofMatrix3x3& A);
* Add two matrices
ofMatrix3x3 operator+(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
void operator+=(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
* Subtract two matrices
ofMatrix3x3 operator-(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
void operator-=(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
* Multiply a matrix with a scalar
ofMatrix3x3 operator*(float scalar);
void operator*=(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
void operator*=(float scalar);
friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, const ofMatrix3x3& M);
friend istream& operator>>(istream& is, ofMatrix3x3& M);
* Multiply a 3x3 matrix with a 3x3 matrix
ofMatrix3x3 operator*(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
* Divide a matrix through a scalar
ofMatrix3x3 operator/(float scalar);
void operator/=(const ofMatrix3x3& B);
void operator/=(float scalar);
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