Manuscript and all scripts related to our article on 'Informative Null Effects'
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Example Data
Informative Null Effects.Rproj

Making 'Null Effects' Informative

This repository contains the accompanying example data and analysis scripts for the manuscript "Making 'Null Effects' Informative: Statistical Techniques and Inferential Frameworks" by Harms & Lakens (pre-print available at


This repository consists of the following:

  • Manuscript: This folder holds the RMarkdown manuscript for the paper (see requirements below).
  • Example Data: The simulated data for the study detailed in the manuscript as CSV file.
  • Analysis: Example analysis scripts for R, JASP and jamovi (see requirements below).
  • R-scripts: Contains supplementary scripts needed for calculations in R (i.e. the Bayes factor with the informed alternativ model) and code for Figure 4.


To run the example analysis in R you need to install the following packages:

install.packages(c('pwr', 'TOSTER', 'BEST', 'dplyr', 'hypergeo', 'ggplot2'))

For the manuscript to be compiled into a PDF you need the following additional R packages along with an available LaTeX distribution (see installation instructions for papaja):

install.packages(c('knitr', 'ggbeeswarm', 'devtools'))

For the TOST equivalence test in the jamovi example, you need to install the TOSTER module (available through the jamovi library).