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An XDI Graph Editor
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Project Description

The XDI graph editor project is, as the name implies, a graphic editor for visualizing and manipulating XDI graphs. XDI is an OASIS Technical committee whose purpose is to define a format and protocol for semantic data interchange using a standard addressable semantic graph model serialized in JSON (see 1 for more details).

Project Setup

This project relies on the D3 javascript library (2). This library will be automatically retrieved upon launch of the editor.

The tool also leverages an XDI javascript library (xdi.js). this library is included in the tool archive (see 6 for more details).

Finally, the tool uses JQuery (4). This library will also be automatically retrieved upon launch of the editor.


Once the file archive file has been downloaded and unziped, simply load the index.html file in your browser.

Troubleshooting & Useful Tools

Both a manual and a tutorial are available within the tool: click on the Help button on the top right corner of the browser window.

It is strongly recommended to go through the tutorial before attempting to manipulate your own XDI graphs.


If you find a bug or would like to suggest improvements, please use the issue tracker available on GitHub.


The graph editing functionality of this tool is largely based on the D3 directed graph editor (see 3) although it has been greatly modified since then.


This tool is made available under the MIT license (see 5 for details).

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