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SQL Server 2012 Chocolatey Package

  • Uses environment variables to configure.
  • Minimum requirement is a local path to the ISO image.
  • Path to the ISO is supplied to the package via the choco:sqlserver2012:isoImage environment variable.

See chocolateyinstall.ps1 for all environment vars which mirror those in the documentation

##Example install Execute this from elevated PowerShell to install to an instance named SQL2012 with sql management studio and a custom collation:

#mandatory param - use one of the following
$env:choco:sqlserver2012:setupFolder="E:" # Use this for Windows 7 which can't mount an iso from powershell 

#optional params
$env:choco:sqlserver2012:AGTSVCACCOUNT="NT Service\SQLAgent`$SQL2012"
$env:choco:sqlserver2012:SQLSVCACCOUNT="NT Service\MSSQL`$SQL2012"

# If you want mixed mode auth, you must supply a password for sa, otherwise skip these two configs

choco install sqlserver2012 -Source "https://www.myget.org/F/nm-chocolatey-packs/api/v2"