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Tasks for Gsoc 2020 from Neutralinojs
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Google Summer of Code 2020 - Neutralinojs

Neutralinojs organization is applying for Google Summer of Code 2020 program. If you are interested in applying as a student please check following instructions.

The big picture

Neutralinojs project is now about 2 years old now and it was started as a proof of concept for developing lightweight cross-platform applications with Javascript. Nowadays, Neutralinojs was tried by many developers around the world and we are getting so many feature requests and feedback. So the general goal of Neutralinojs with Gsoc 2020 is to get students support to implement those feature requests raised by the developer community.

Proposal format

  1. About you - Say some information about your background
  2. Project background - What you are going to build and why?
  3. Goals summary - What you are going to achieve
  4. Results for the Neutralinojs - Advatanges for the organization
  5. Deliverables
  6. Timeline
  7. Other commitments - State if you have other responsibilities during the project
  8. References

Project ideas

1. Vue template for the nue CLI

Developing a starter project using Vue with Neutralino type definities Reference:

2. Microsoft Edge integration

Neutralinojs uses IE as the web browser component in Windows. The idea is to replace with Edge/Chromium based Edge for latest version of Windows and also keep MSHTML for older Windows. Reference:

3. Mergeing multiple projects in to single codebase

The idea is to combine all sub projects in to single c++ codebase which will use make. Reference:

4. Neutralinojs mobile - POC

Producing a POC demostrating Neutralinojs on mobile platforms (Android, iOS)

5. Full-featured sample project

Creating a sample project which will use almost all features of latest Neutralinojs version with best practices.


  • Simple IDE
  • API Tester
  • Photo Editor
  • Terminal

Feel free to submit your own idea too. Whereas, please discuss with our mentors before you start composing the proposal.

6. Security related improvements

Goal is to do full security test and implement required fixes for critical issues Eg:- Disabling application access via network ports in window mode

7. Neutralinojs apps

Idea is to create static app store in Basically app list will be loaded from a JSON from the repository. Anyone will be able to submit an app via a pull request.


  • Shalitha Suranga
  • Athif Shaffy
  • Kasun Vithanage
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