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Neutralinojs v1.4.0 released!

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Milestone v1.4.0 was closed with 11 issues.

What's new

  • window.title option added. Older setting was used as a shared identifier for url path and title whereas now appname is kind of app id (won't support spaces). Thus, window.title refers to the Native window title which supports spaces etc.

  • More native window properties/configuration added.

window.alwaysontop [bool] on all platforms

If true window will appear always on top.

window.borderless [bool] on all platforms

If true title bar will be hidden and allows developer to make their own title bar using CSS.

window.iconfile [string] on Windows and Linux

Sets an image/icon for Native window and it will appear on the task bar of the operating system. Transparent .png is recommended.

  • NL_CWD global variable was added to all platforms. it has the current working directory.

  • Binary file support was added to all platforms. Eg: .png like images will be served by the Neutralino file server.

  • Quick build script was added to the macos as well. (bash macos to build and copy all the things to dist)

Example settings.json structure for this version

    "appname" : "myapp",
    "appport" : "5006",
    "mode" : "window",
    "window" : {
        "title": "My app",
        "width" : "1000",
        "height" : "700",
        "fullscreen" : false,
        "alwaysontop": true,
        "borderless": false,
        "iconfile": "neutralino.png"

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