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Neutralinojs v3.0.0 released!

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@shalithasuranga shalithasuranga released this 18 Oct 07:04

Milestone v3.0.0 was closed with 16 issues.

What's new

  • New JavaScript API spec implementation.
  • Using WebSocket messages for native calls.
  • Error codes to identify failed native calls.
  • Static server improvements (404, support any mime-type, etc)
  • Add a way to close the window when a remote URL is loaded via the exitProcessOnClose config.
  • os.getPath(name) to get known platform-specific folders.
  • Support overriding root-level config properties from modes (Eg: One URL for browser mode and another for window mode).
  • New library for dialog boxes.
  • New config property (logging) for enabling/disabling logging feature.
  • New events: ready, clientConnect and clientDisconnect
  • Supports client library v2.0.0
  • Bugfixes and enhancements.

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