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Neutralinojs v4.2.0 released!

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· 123 commits to main since this release
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What's new

API: clipboard

  • Add clipboard API for all platforms. Supports reading and writing text in the system clipboard.

Core: configuration

  • Accept chrome-related CLI args: --chrome-width, --chrome-height, and --chrome-args.
  • Accept --neu-dev-extension to enable devtools connections (For internal usages with CLI).
  • Accept custom HTTP headers via serverHeaders option.

API: global variables

  • Added NL_RESMODE to get details about application resources source. Returns bundle if resources are loaded from resources.neu. Otherwise, returns directory.


  • Fix chrome mode user data dir issue (Support paths with spaces).
  • Fix browser mode's shutdown issue with neu CLI.

Update the config file option cli.binaryVersion with 4.2.0 and enter neu update to fetch this version.

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