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Neutralinojs v4.6.0 released!

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What's new

API: Process spawning API

We have os.execCommand for launching processes, but it's synchronous, meaning, the developer has to wait unti process completion to receive pid, stdOut and stdErr. execCommand is not suitable for long-running processes. The new spawning API offers API functions for handling long-running processes in a multi-threaded way.

  • os.spawnProcess(command): Spawns a process and returns id (A virtual Neutralino-scoped pid) and pid (Operating system-level pid).
  • os.getSpawnedProcesses(): Returns a list of spawned processes.
  • os.updateSpawnedProcess(id, action, data): Sends an action event for the spawned process. Supports the following actions:
    • stdIn: Sends a string via the standard input stream. data is the input string.
    • stdInEnd: Closes the standard input stream.
    • exit: Terminates the spawned process.

Core: events

  • spawnedProcess: Dispatched when there is a change in the spawned process. CustomEvent gets triggered with the following object:
  id: <id>,
  pid: <pid>,
  action: <action>,
  data: <data>

Available actions:

  • stdOut: Outputs standard output data. data contains the standard output payload.
  • stdErr: Outputs standard error data. data contains the standard error payload.
  • exit: Notified when the process terminates. data contains the process exit code.


  • Add official Linux ARM (armhf and arm64) binary build support for the standard release workflow and nightly build.

API: filesystem

  • Expose createdAt and modifiedAt JavaScript timestamps via the filesystem.getStats function.


  • Hide the .storage directory (Neutralinojs storage location) on Windows.
  • Support using query parameters in resources URLs. i.e., index.html?v=2.0 is supported, but caching is not yet implemented.
  • Show a user-friendly error message for Neutralinojs server initialization failures.

Update the config file option cli.binaryVersion with 4.6.0 and enter neu update to fetch this version.

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