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Note: The project is still in its alpha stage, if you still want to see it running, check out the demo in the website.


Neutrino is a service that allows developers to link their mobile and web applications with a real time cloud data storage. Every time you create a new application, you need to write code to authenticate users, store data, manage infrastructure, handle scalability. Neutrino gives you out-of-the-box solution to easily manage your application’s users and data. You can be sure that your data will always be available and scale along with your application.


  • API Service - This server handles HTTP requests. It can register and modify users as well as perform CRUD on data. The data is organized as follows:
    • One has to register an account in the service
    • Once he has an account he can create an application
    • The application has users as well, which will allow you to set permissions on different groups of users for specific data
    • The application has collections - Collections are implicit, meaning that if you create a data item in the cars collection, it will be automatically created. See below for the realtime specifics.
    • Each collection contains data items - See below for the realtime specifics.
  • Realtime Service - This server handles WebSocket connections. It can perform CRUD operations on the data. It can notify clients for changes in the following scenarios:
  • When an item in a collection is added, changed, removed etc. This allows one to bind to a whole collection as an array on the client. E.g. if you want to list all cars you can be sure that they will always be up to date.
  • When a single item is updated - allows listening for changes on per-item-basis.
  • Check the client api below to get a better idea of the API
  • Redis cache - Not mandatory
  • RethinkDB - For storing the data and listening for changes.

Note: The API and Realtime services can be scaled horizontally. E.g. they are currently running in Google Container Engine in Kubernetes pods.

Other components


var app ='demo');
var collection = app.collection('demo-items');
app.auth.login('demo', 'demo').then(function () {
		//get all objects in the collection
		collection.objects({realtime: true})
    	.then(function (objects) {
      	//get notified when an object is added
    		objects.on(Neutrino.ArrayEvents.added, function (item) {
    			console.log(item); //{id: 'GUID', itemText: 'some-text'}

		//lets create an object
    	itemText: 'some-text'
    }).then(function () {
    	console.log('item created!');
    //we can also get an item by id
    //we can get both realtime and non-realtime objects
    collection.object('some-id', {realtime: true})
    	.then(function (object) {
      		//any change that happens on the server or on the client will affect this object
          //if we change its text all clients will receive the update
          object.on(Neutrino.ObjectEvents.propertyChanged, function () {
          object.itemText = 'some-changed-text';
     collection.object('some-id', {realtime:false})
     	.then(function (object) {
      		//changes will not automatically propagate to this object
          //we can still update it manually and all other clients will receive the update again
          object.itemText = 'manual-text';
          return object.update();


Coming soon

Local development

Tested only on linux

Start rethinkdb by downloading it for your distribution or if you have docker installed, run make dev

Start the api service by running make api

Start the realtime service by running make realtime

You can use the postman configurations from the postman folder until docs come out

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