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Django MarkdownX

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Django MarkdownX is a comprehensive Markdown plugin built for Django, the renowned high-level Python web framework, with flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use at its core.


Key features

  • Raw editing.
  • Live preview.
  • Drag & drop image uploads (automatically stored in the designated location in the Media directory).
  • Customizable image insertion tag.
  • Definition of maximum size for an image.
  • Definition of acceptable image formats (PNG, JPEG, SVG).
  • Image manipulations (compression, size reduction, cropping, upscaling).
  • Pre- and post- text modification.
  • Easy template customization, layout modification, and personalization.
  • Multiple editors per page.
  • Django Admin support.


django-markdownx preview

(using Bootstrap for layout and styling – not included in package)