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Neutron is an open source Cryptocurrency project, A Sha256d, Proof of Work / Proof of Stake Hybrid with emphasis on Proof of Stake and Masternode tech. Neutron tokens can be generated by simply holding a balance in a running wallet 24/7. No need for expensive specialized hardware or high electricity usage. Neutron is an eco friendly approach to decentralized transaction processing and token generation as Neutron software can be used on Virtual machines with minimal specifications, or privately on in-expensive hardware and low energy consumption. Neutron operates on a sliding "Dynamic" scale with the reward structure gradually halving over the course of every one million blocks. Neutron is intended to be used as a store of value that generates a return of investment by Proof of Stake in the form of newly minted, usable, tradeable, Neutron Cryptocurrency (NTRN). Neutron has a small dedicated crew of individuals who will oversee and nurture the project indefinitely. The goal is to prove Neutron to be a mainstay in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, and that is worthy of longterm investment.


Ticker: NTRN

No Premine, No IPO/ICO

Block time: 79 seconds

Coinbase maturity: 90 blocks

PoS Coin Maturity 5h (hiPOS)

Algo: SHA256d

RPC Port: 32000

P2P Port: 32001

Masternode Collateral: 25000 NTRN

Dev Fee 10%

Current Rewards per stake post Dev Fee as of 4/11/2020

Staking: 3.09324078

Masternode: 6.00452622

For more information about Neutron, visit

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