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This is the first official release of the NIQA tool. It does not provide the full feature set but will be sufficient to perform the analysis of the data obtained during the NI round-robin experiments.

The following features and issues reported from the experiences using this version will be implemented in the next release of the NIQA tool.

  • MTF calculations.
  • Report generation.
  • Improved analysis algorithms for
    • ball packings
    • large ball analysis
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This is the prerelease of the NIQA tool v1.0.
The main analysis tasks can be performed, but some features are missing, the stability, and user experience can be improved:

  • Ball packing can only be analyzed when all packings are in the same plane
  • MTF calculations are missing
  • The L/D fit needs verification. It happens on several data sets that the fit fails and underestimates the L/D.

These features will be implemented in an upcoming official release.