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Releases: neutronimaging/KipTool

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New features

  • Extended documentation and user manual in the wiki page.
  • Publication lists related to the software and modules.
  • Stability and performance improvements in BBLogNorm and MorphSpotClean.
  • Increased portability of the configuration file.
  • The main application can now save to multi-frame TIFF.
  • Conversion tools can now save to FITS.

Fixed issues

Below you find a detailed list of issues that have been addressed in this release.

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KipTool has long been a tool mainly used internally in the Neutron Imaging and Applied materials Group, Paul Scherrer Institut. It is a tool to work with sequences of images represented as 3D data. This could be time series or CT volumes. You can either work on the volumes through a chain of processing modules that can be added. You can also convert image file names, reslice and merge volumes with limited computer resources.

In this release, we focused on improving stability and revising the user interface. In addition to this, we also added some modules for scattering correction and artefact reduction.

New features

  • The modules are all verified and have new dialogs to help configuration.
    • Added ImagingModules with black body correction, spot cleaning, and stripe cleaning.
  • Conversion tools for image files are revised.
  • Automated build scripts are implemented.
  • Using new plotting widgets.
  • Updated ROI selection
  • Fixed a lot of stability issues

Fixed issues

Known problems

Eventhough we solved many issues in this release, we were not able to find everything. Please go to the issue list on to see if you problem is already reported.

Supported operating system

  • Win10 64bit
  • Ubuntu Linux 18.04
  • MacOS High Sierra, Mojave