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TCL Flip 2 (T408DL, 4058G, 4058L, etc)


The vendor framework on the phone prohibits APK installs unless a read-only property (ro.vendor.tct.endurance) is set. One way to overcome this is to modify only the boot partition, and have it reset the property. If doing a full ROM install, this could be unnecessary. Thus the minimal way is having Magisk installed on the boot partition and have it set the property to true during bootup.

Root / Enable APK installation


  • Finding APK unlock: Apps4Flip-Admin (forum post)
  • boot.img with Magisk: Biden2020prez & EnriqueMcquade
  • Fastboot method & using Magisk's overlay.d: darth
  • First to put it all together: neutronscott (that's me!)






  • Windows Install drivers
  • Open a shell / command prompt window where you've placed the files
  • Enter fastboot mode on the phone
    • Power off the phone (I remove the battery to be sure)
    • Windows: Execute autobooter.exe
    • Linux: Execute python3 FASTBOOT /dev/tty.usbmodem14200
      To find the port necessary you could watch dmesg -w output while rebooting the phone
  • Connect phone to USB port
  • Unlock the bootloader to allow modified boot partition
    • fastboot flashing unlock
  • Flash boot partition
    • fastboot flash boot neutron.img
  • Reboot phone
    • fastboot reboot
  • Install Magisk
    • Dial *#*#217703#*#* to bring up list of apps
    • Select Magisk and allow to download full version.
    • Dial *#*#217703#*#* again
    • Select Magisk and allow to update and reboot.

NOTE: Magisk may not show up on the first boot or sometimes you cannot install APKs later. It's a timing issue with ro.vendor.tct.endurance getting set. Just reboot.


You can enable ADB access simply by dialing *#*#DEBUG#*#* (*#*#33284#*#*). This is available without rooting the phone.

You should set a higher resolution. In adb shell execute wm size 321x428 which seems like a good compromise.

You can disable the Power-On write protection enforced by the bootloader. This is very risky. Open an adb shell and execute su. Magisk should popup a dialog asking to grant superuser access. Select grant. Finally run /vendor/bin/write_protect 0 and reboot. You can then allow Magisk to update itself with the direct-install method. Modifications to any other partition will cause problems unless you disable verity checks.