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0.2.0 (2011-06-21)
- New minor version (support Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze+).
- Support libgda-4.
- Support ipset >= 4.2
- No backward compatible with Lenny, if lenny is required use the 0.1.x branch
0.1.7 (2009-09-19)
- Critical bug fix, the firewall script does not actually add or
remove _ext_fw, cause the start and stop script failed.
0.1.6 (2009-09-19)
- Bugs fix.
- New squid external authentication helper wrote in C
(supercede for the PHP scripts that is memory hungry)
- Add common firewall for external interfaces.
0.1.4 (2009-06-09)
- Bug fix and the major change of the IFB (Intermediate Functional Block) as the
replacement of IMQ (Intermediate Queueing Device) that more problem with the
SMP system.
* IFB is the replacement of IMQ. (IMQ now deprecated, not support anymore)
* Prevent double login.
* Reloading config files supported.
* HTTP login supported. (early only HTTPS supported)
* Bug fix.
0.1.3 (Never Release)
* Only in the internal development test.
0.1.2 (2009-03-31)
- Bug fix and add virtual server to support multiple network (VLAN,
multiple ethernet) and support scripts to do the traffic shape and
Bittorrent blocking or throttling:
* Multiple network support using virtual server concepts.
- Clients with different IP can access to particular virtual server.
- Each virtual server is independent.
- Capable to add more virtual server as much as the you want, if the
memory of the system is available.
* Traffic shape and Bittorrent blocking or throttling scripts.
- Traffic shape using TC and synchronize with RahuNAS for each client.
(Per client shaping)
- Capable to block the bittorrent, allow someone to access
or throttling with the specific download and upload rate.
(Require layer7 kernel module)
* Bug fix.
- Replace static memory allocation by dynamic memory allocation,
the static allocation cause the error when more virtual servers are
registered. The dynamic memory allocation reduce the memory requirement
for the same size of clients set.
- Fix the memory allocation for the ipset polling which does not free
unneccessary data.
0.1.1 (2008-12-09)
- First release of the ready to use Network Access Server which provides:
* The server that can handle the users login session with
[/] idle timeout and session timeout checking.
[/] setup the bandwidth shaping for downloading and uploading each user.
[/] integrated with the SQLite for the users session backup.
[/] more reliability of the network handling with the good concept of
ipset (
[/] do the normal IP packets traversal with the most capability that the
Linux kernel could do, no need any tunneling interfaces like other
projects do.
[/] IPv4 with MAC address support. (IPv6 not support now)
* Do the AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accouting) with RADIUS.
Tested with FreeRADIUS as well.
* The multilingual web login page (English, Thai) which included the
login, logout and also user's login session information page.
* Pre-configure example to do the simple Network Access Server.
0.1.0 (2008-08-19)
- Initial (internal test) release
- Simple implemention of the ipset command wrapper