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Declare File::write method read-only parameter as const

Added DynamicByteArray::getAllocatedSize method
Add missing default aspect ratio assignment to test_d10mxfop1awriter.cpp
Allow D10MXFOP1AWriter clients to set the material and file source package uids
Changed D10MXFOP1AWriter::GenerateUserTimecode method to return the timecode
(and not set user timecode) to allow scenarios where the user timecode is
required for externally managed content packages
latest commit 015487efca
philipn authored
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MediaHarmony fix media harmony module name
archive Fix missing brackets in time left calculation which could result in 1…
common Initial add of audio test signal utility
htdocs Added link to user guide.
libMXF++ Declare File::write method read-only parameter as const
player Set data size when frame is received into buffer source to fix playba…
Makefile Added install target
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