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March 2000: partial port to Linux by Pedro Ivo Tavares (
This was mostly integrated by by CoreFoundation-5,
but the style was changed, and the hand-crafted Makefile, which is
new since this port, tries to take care of some of the things that
are needed for Linux (and build a libCoreFoundation.a instead of a
CoreFoundation.framework), but ckane does not have a Linux box and
can't finish that and test building.
December 2000: port to FreeBSD by Sarwat Khan (
Port to FreeBSD, except for RunLoop.subproj items. Integrated by into CoreFoundation-8. ckane also marginally
improved the Linux port in that version.
March 2001: CoreFoundation-9, corresponding to CoreFoundation-197 in
Mac OS X, synchronizes Darwin CF with Mac OS X's released CF.
May 2001: CoreFoundation-10, corresponding to CoreFoundation-206.5
synchronizes Darwin CF with TOT CoreFoundation.
June 2001: Linux port maintenance by Robert Thompson <>.
July 2001: Integrated addition of headerdoc for CFBinaryHeap.h from
Kevin Van Vechten <>.
Sept 2001: CoreFoundation-14, sync with Mac OS X 10.1
Oct 2001: More header doc (e.g., CFSet.h) and some CFTree implementation
from Kevin Van Vechten <>.
Jan 2002: Windows(TM) port changes from Kevin Van Vechten <>.
Feb 2002: Some Windows(TM) port changes from Aleskey Dukhnyakov, Andrew Dzubandovsky,
Roman Mukhin, and Sergey Zubarev; Orc Software<>
... years of work ...
JAN 2009: Windows(TM) port changes from Brent Fulgham. Linux port changes
from Grant Erickson.