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Support needed for Resque 2.0+ #67

tibbon opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Resque pool is being forced into my app via Rubber, and I'm using Resque 2.0. But resque-pool doesn't support this version.


Is resque 2.0 anywhere close to release yet? I'd expect that when it is released it will come with lots of breaking changes (and who knows, it might even make resque-pool obsolete). I don't think I can make any promises to support an unreleased version with breaking changes. But if you (or anyone else) have pull requests to keep resque-pool up to date with the latest and greatest (without breaking support for resque 1), I can merge them into master.


I'm closing this ticket as a dup, since @steveklabnik opened up #68 shortly after. I'll try to address this soon.

@nevans nevans closed this
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